Roulette is much more than a mindless game of random chance. There are successful strategies and optimal betting systems. Learn how to play roulette and win.

The legendary Martingale betting method

This is one the oldest system in betting games. Roulette game has been since 18th century. Mathematicians and other people have come with strategies that try to beat roulette. These systems don’t usually work but sometimes they appear as if they are working. Martingale however was not discovered by mathematicians. This system also did not start at roulette also. It started with game of coins either head or tails. This game has 50-50 chances of winning. The player selects whether head or tail. If you choose head and head appears you win otherwise you lose. This game was introduced in roulette where players would go for outside bets. These bets include even and odd, high and low, and red and black bets. They are 50-50 bets, Understand roulette betting systems.

How do martingale betting system works.

This system works on doubling you betting amount when you lose. When you go to a casino there are different roulette tables that you can choose. Each table has its maximum and minimum betting amount. Note that the maximum in the outside bets is low than in the inside bets. When you want to use Martingale betting system when plating roulette you first make your unit. At the roulette table you will find the minimum you can bet. You then decide what the minimum is for you. If the minimum on a table is $5 you can decide to have $10 or $5 as your minimum.

When you lose you double the previous bet. When you win you go back to the starting unit. This roulette systems works by you doubling the money you have bet on when you lose. This means that if you place $5 as your bet and loses you double the next bet to $10. You continue doubling your bet until you win.

playing the martingale

Does this system really work?

First of all you must understand the concept of prediction by reading our dedicated article here: Guess and Prediction . In the ideal world you cannot lose forever. On basis of 50-50 chance you will have some luck and win at least once. However with roulette it is not the same. While you can go until you win there are factors that inhibit you from playing forever. These factors include:

• The roulette tables have their maximum. This is the maximum amount of money that you can bet on that table.
• You don’t have infinite amount of cash.

A table with $5 minimum can have a maximum of $500. Look at the following example.

  • You start with $10 and lose.
  • Next bet $20 and lose
  • Next bet $40 and lose.
  • Next bet $80 and lose
  • Next bet $160 and lose.
  • Next bet $320 and lose.
  • Next bet $640 and lose.

After only 6 bets you are at the maximum of the table this means that you have to move to higher limit table. At higher limit means that the minimum now can be$10-$20. You may be lucky and win on the sixth bet. You will win $320.

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