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Questions on Parlay systems answered

Of all the roulette systems this is the system that is easy to use and flexible. With this method you can be able to be creative and strategize. There is no particular trend that must be followed when playing roulette. The problem with this method is that you may become too greedy and continue playing when you are supposed to quit. With this method you only need to set the amount of money you want to win and the starting bet. The game when ends when you make your target or when you are too broke to fund your next bet. This article will go through Parlay method and answer question you might be having about Parlay.

What you need to use Parlay.
Among the things you need to have when using Parlay method is a goal and money. You also need the courage to know when to stop when the deal is too good or before you lose your money and your mind.

roulette spin playing parlay
How to use Parlay.
As said earlier you have to select the amount of money that you want to make. Then select the starting bet. You can use different method to reach your target. When you lose you revert back to your original amount. Also you revert back your original amount when you reach your goal. This example will help you understand how Parlay works. Let’s say you want to win $120 with a starting bet of $5. You start by placing your bet on red/black or even/odd spot. After you place $5 to start you lose right away. It looks like not a good day for you but it is too early to give up. Remember success is for those who are willing to take risks and quitters are not risk takers. So you wake up dust yourself place $5 and prays. This time luck is on your side and you win. Now you have hopes of even winning more. You place all the money that you have won in the previous play. This is the principle of Parlay you use what you have to reach your goal.

So you place $10 and wins again. You place the $20 on the columns/dozen spot. Remember that Parlay have no rules to follow you just place your money to reach your goal. When you win at this spot you have $60. You only need $60 to reach your goal. If you place the $60 and win you have reached your goal so you can go back to the original bet. However if you place $60 and lose you know the drill; you either give up or decide to start all over again. If it happens that you go up to $120 don’t be over ambitious. This was your goal and now that you have reached it you can start all over again.

Parlay system is better as it is flexible. It gives you the chance to be creative. This system does not beat roulette still. If your goal is $1000 and you go up to $750 maybe quitting at this stage would be good to avoid placing $750 and losing it all. When using this method know when to quit and when to go on playing.

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