Roulette is much more than a mindless game of random chance. There are successful strategies and optimal betting systems. Learn how to play roulette and win.

How to Win just 1 unit Every Time you play roulette

The goal here was to find a playable mechanical roulette system, that will let us win 1 unit every time. This is enough to beat roulette.

For bet selection I decided to use only 1 number,
played straight up.

Progression (believe it or not) is the Martingale
(1-2-4-8-16) and the progression increases after
each cycle of 37 spins (or 38 american 00 wheel).

The specific number played is the number that
has shown the least compared to the other numbers
on the table.

The cycles are 37/38 spins, so we begin with
1 unit on the chosen number.
If it fails to appear in 37/38 spins, the bet
increases to 2 units.
Another 37/38 without a show and the bet
increases to 4 units.
If we complete another cycle without a win -
the bet goes to 8 units.
and finally if no win after another 37/38 the bet
goes to 16 units.

Why the bet selection ?

Simple as well.
If we look at how the numbers fall, of course we will
have times when a specific number fails to show for
possibly 300-400 (or more) spins, so the above progression
would run out well before that time.

However, there is a way to know what numbers will do
this and what numbers won't. (opinion).
The number with the least number of shows (thus being
far behind) will never be one of these "doomed" numbers.
When a number sleeps for a massive number of spins,
we can be assured that it's a number that has been showing
on average as expected or has been showing ahead of expected.

A number that is well behind, the "last" in line if you will -
Will not be a number that will be the next long-term sleeper.

Sounds complicated maybe but it really isn't.

All that's needed is for the player to keep a count of the
spins as they show - this will give us the number to play.
The progression is explained above, simple as well.

NOTE: The progression will not produce a win every time,
it isn't capable of doing that. While most sessions end in
profit - not all do (thus the dropping sections shown in the
chart below) - However, long term we are fine if our goal
is only to make 1 unit average per casino session.

Aside from the test below, I have so far run another concept based
on this same kind of approach to well over 50,000 spins.
Not a single time did the "farthest behind" number fail to sleep
for more than 5 cycles of 37 spins (so 16 units in the progression)
So expect 16 units to be the max ever placed on the table
for a bet.

(NOTE) This is not the "farthest back" method, they are not the
same - however there's nothing stopping you from playing
2 numbers - the "farthest behind" number and the "farthest back"
number together with a specific progression.

The upcoming Holy Grail (on a seperate page) is played
somewhat as described above - but without the marty.
More numbers than 1 are played as well.
But this page is based on the challenge to make 1 unit per
visit (average) so I believe this system described above will
do just that.

Explain the system with a quick example

Step 1 ) Record 37 spins.

Step 2 ) Begin betting 1 unit on a number that has
the least amount of hits (in this case it will be 0 shows)
Choose any of the available numbers. I like to go low
to high, so assume #2 has not shown - that will be the
number I'm going to play for the next 37 spins.

Step 3 ) Play this number flat betting 1 unit for 37/38

Step 3a ) You have a win (very common) thus a profit.
Now look at your notes to find the next number to play.
Step 3b ) You have no win after 37/38 spins have passed.
You increase the bet 100% (martingale) and play that
same number flat for the next cycle of 37/38 spins.

Test chart

As we see from above - we are trending up at a slow
but reliable pace.

The stats -
+796 units over the course of 10,125 spins.

This breaks down to .078 units profit per spin average

Which also means we can expect on average
1 unit of profit per every 12.82 spins.

If you had played this method for only 12.8 spins
per casino visit you can expect to have had 796 casino
visits with 1 unit profit average for each visit.

Roulette System update - max bankroll needed

Euro wheel -
1 unit X 37 spins (37) +
2 units X 37 spins (74) +
4 units X 37 spins (148) +
8 units X 37 spins (296) +
16 units X 37 spins (592) = 1147 units total

American wheel -
1 unit X 38 spins (38) +
2 units X 38 spins (76) +
4 units X 38 spins (152) +
8 units X 38 spins (304) +
16 units X 38 spins (608) = 1178 units total

The longer you can record only - before placing any bets
the better !

For example - record until "ALL" numbers have shown and
then begin.
The further you record, the better data you'll have.
It also narrows the available amount of numbers
down to only 1 or 2 and wins are more reliable.