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The Fibonacci roulette progression?

This method of roulette system comes from Fibonacci numbers. In Fibonacci numbers a number is the sum of the previous two numbers. The sequence starts with 0,1,1,2,3,5,8… up to infinity. This sequence has been in place for many centuries. In fact the method was first used to increase the breeding of rabbits. From nature to roulette this method is better placed to beat roulette. The bad news is that the method also has its disadvantages. This method is better that Martingale as your betting amount doesn’t grow exponentially. This article is going to look on how this systems works and how you can use it.


How this system works.

This system works by adding the previous bets and bet on that. To get the next number in Fibonacci you add the values of the previous two numbers. When you chose a roulettes table you find the minimum amount you can be on and then decide what your minimum amount is. In this game you need total concentration and keep track of your previous bets and whether you won or lost. When you lose you add the previous two bets and bet on that. If you win a bet you cut down by two bets. To understand better about Fibonacci roulette system look at the following trend, Understand roulette betting systems.

  • 1 time $10 you lose.
  • 2 time $10 you lose.
  • 3 time $20 you lose.
  • 4 time $30 you lose
  • 5 time $50 you lose.
  • 6 time $80 you win.
  • You cut back to $30 and lose, you are not lucky I guess!
  • You bet on $50 and win lucky you!
  • You cut back and bet on $20 and lose again.
  • This time you bet on $30 and win.
  • You cut back two places and bet on $10.

This is the ultimate goal. To cut back until you are at the original amount that you started your bet on. When you are back at your starting unit it means that you have made profit and cleared all the times you lost. This method is better than Martingale as you don’t lose your temper and money fast but gradually. Also at the end you will win and have fun.

Does it really work?

In mathematics this system work as number goes to perpetuity, never ends. But in real life you money don’t. With luck you can be able to make profit. On a bad day you will lose both your money and your temper. When you lose back to back you finally start playing with your feelings. This is not good as roulette is a way of having fun but not a place to build high blood pressure. Also remember that tables have a maximum amount that you can bet on.

However this method is better as you have fun while playing. By keeping track you will be able to know this is the profit I have made and this is the amount of money that I have made. If you discover that you are on a losing streak stop before you lose your mind.

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