Roulette is much more than a mindless game of random chance. There are successful strategies and optimal betting systems. Learn how to play roulette and win.

Basic roulette progressions

Roulette is one of the casino games that most people have come with ways to beat it. This game depends on your luck but if you study carefully maybe you can win. I have used ‘maybe’ because it may now work. There are several progressions that are in place that tries the best to win at roulette. Some methods may work while others will simply not work. Roulette is about making money and not getting diseases such as high blood pressures.

roulette progressions
Roulette betting table

Mathematicians are among the people that have studied and worked on methods that can win at roulette. Some people also works on studying the behavior of the machines and roulette and try to maximize on them. The tendency which the dealer throws the ball also matters. All of these methods are not verified but they sometimes works. When playing at the casinos you should know that there is high probability of losing.
Know the extent you are willing to go. Albert Eisten said that you cannot win at roulette unless you steal some money when the dealer is not looking. People who make it in life are the people who take risks. But do not be drawn into making unnecessary risks. You should know when to stop instead of making massive loses.

There are methods that check the trend of the previous throwing. After playing the game for too long you can discover numbers that appear a lot of times. When you discover a particular sequence then you can try and exploit it to see if it will work.

You should consider playing the outside bets. These are bets that depend on 50-50 probability. Among these bets include even or odd, red or black and high and low. These bets are based on 50-50 chances. You will not lose much on these bets but if you really have a bad day you will lose at the end.

Martingale is a method that is based on luck. This method involves doubling your bet whenever you lose. This method assumes that you cannot lose in several times consecutive. However you may lose if you are really having a very bad day. With this method you can lose your money very fast. With this method you should decide when to stop before you lose all of your money.

Other method such as Laboucher works by having a target of the amount of money you want to make. To reach this target you work by cancelling. You cancel when you win add the amount lost when you lose. This method assumes that at some time you are going to win. When you get a chance of winning you win big. This method is better because when you win you cancels twice and adds once when you win.

The method that is based on strategy is known as parlay. This method also involves a target. There are no particular rules that should be followed to win. You only decide which the best method to reach your target is. When you reach your target you should not be greedy but you should revert back to the original betting amount.

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