Roulette is much more than a mindless game of random chance. There are successful strategies and optimal betting systems. Learn how to play roulette and win.

Roulette attacks that you can use

Roulette game started way back in 18th century. These methods are based on probabilities. Some method tries to detect the trend of the game while others are based on luck.

This method is based on strategy. You make a goal of what you want to get form the game. After making your target you then decide on the starting bet. If you lose on this or any other bet you go back to the starting bet. If you win at any bet you use all the money that you have until you have reached the final target. This method does not involve any rules and the player only uses the best method to get the desired target.

Laboucher attack method.
This method is also based on making a target. You say like I want to make $50. Then you divide this amount in several bunches. Of these bunches you add the first and the last bunch and use it to make a bet. When you win you clear the two bunches. When you lose you add the two bunches together and get another bunch at the end. This method is good as when you clear the whole list then you have made your profit. The other advantage is that you clear twice when you win and only add once when you lose. This means that you can reach your target by clearing above a third of the list.

Martingale betting system.
This is among the oldest method of beating roulette. It works if you have infinite amount of cash and roulette table don’t have a limit. This is not possible as you will go bankrupt and casinos have the maximum amount of money that you can bet on. This method states that whenever you lose you double the amount that you are betting on. This method assumes that soon or later you are going to win and this will clear all your losses and make profit.

roulette attack

Fibonacci progression. 
This method states that you add the previous two times bet to get the amount to bet on when you lose. You retract two times of your betting amount when you win. The goal of this method is to go back to the original betting amount. When you get to this amount know that you have made profit and you have not lost any of your money.

D’Alembert strategy.
This method works based on equilibrium laws. The method assumes that you cannot win or lose two times in a row. If you win it is more probable that you are going to lose and vice versa. That is why you add a unit when you lose and subtract a unit when you win. Unit is the amount of money that you have decided to bet on. This process continues until you are back to the starting unit. You should keep track of the money you are spending and avoid losing a lot of money. You should decide when enough is enough.

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