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Unique profitable roulette system

I've been working on something for some time now and figured that I would share the premise, although I don't have a lot of data yet.

The system is based on the abacus and how it works.
Basically, you take two betting locations, a low payoff / better odds of winning location - and a high payoff / lower odds of winning location.

For an example, let's use the 16-21 lane bet and the 17-20 split bet.
$5.00 on each to begin.

Now, on every spin, (win/loss is not important) we increase the lane bet $1.00 and leave the split bet alone at $5.00
Once the lane bet reaches $10.00 and that spin is done, instead of the next bet being $11.00, it returns to $5.00 and the split bet increases $1.00.

So, looking at the bets on a chart : bet
etc etc etc

Now, you would think that this couldn't be a great style of progression (maybe you would think that)
9/30/2004 wheel 1 made $1,054.00 in 101 spins.
.................wheel 2 made $1,023.00 in 84 spins.
.................wheel 3 has no data available to test
.................wheel 4 made $1,245.00 in 255 spins.
.................wheel 5 made $1,056.00 in 77 spins.
.................wheel 6 made $1,008.00 in 96 spins.
I used  >=+1k as a stop point. I have yet to determine the correct
low exit point. The longest session being wheel 4 had a low balance of around -$900.00 at one point before it pulled back up and made goal.
I'd assume  >=+1k goal for profit with <=-1k loss stop point for an exit.
What is nice is that you don't have to worry about your balance, as the amount bet is not determined by your balance, be it + or -.
So it is slow and boring but so far very nice results.

I would also assume there are many variations to use, other locations that will work just as well.
A street and a straight up, A dozen and a street. (so long as the second is inside of (part of) the first)
The lane bet in the above example does little more than just keep the balance in check to some extent until the real money maker (the split) hits and pays off. The wins on #s 16,18,19,21 jusr give a small bump and not a new profit level normally. Multiple hits on the split and the profits grow very fast.

This seems to be a simple, no-brainer that anyone can play without having to chart or record, qualify a table. It also appears "so far" to return great profit.
I also believe this type of progression is not very common as I have yet to see it used in a commercial system so it may be a new aventue to explore .

Comments welcome and ideas for further improvements are welcome.
(I was going to release this is "the holy grail" lol, but I know better - I'm sure there is a negative drawback at some point ? )
The above example of +$5,386.00 for only 613 spins is one of those "too good to be true" situations but it's a start.

I used no form of qualification, and also only used the limits of +1k and -1k for the 5.00 starting bet I used to test.
For a smaller table limit you could use a smaller bet and have lower goal.
I also never reset anything, basically paid no attention to wins or losses until I had either reached the target profit or target loss point.

Here is one I just ran through using a random Hamburg day and used a street and a straight up contained within that street.
$5.00-$5.00 to start, street increased until $10.00, then straight +$1.00 and street returns to $5.00
wiining roulette system
The system produce considerable profits over time

I did move to a new straight up bet and street after a win on the straight up bet because in this case I don't want to happen to stay with the same number over and over and probably run across the time it sleeps for 100+ spins.

Great results so far, more to come hopefully.