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Educated Guess and Number Prediction in roulette

What is an educated guess? What could be the meaning of educated guess in the game of roulette? Is it a prediction? A hunch or a scientifically provable theory of forecasting?
What is educated guess?

Let start with the definition of “guess”.
Main Entry: guess
Pronunciation: 'ges
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English gessen, perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Norwegian & Swedish gissa to guess, Middle Dutch gissen, gessen, Old Norse geta to get, guess -- more at GET
transitive verb
1 : to form an opinion of from little or no evidence
2 : BELIEVE, SUPPOSE "I guess you're right
3 : to arrive at a correct conclusion about by conjecture, chance, or intuition
intransitive verb : to make a guess
- guess•able / adjective
- guess•er noun

an educated guess
a guess that is likely to be correct because you have enough knowledge about a particular subject. Scientists can do no more than make educated guesses about future climate changes.
See also: guess
Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms © Cambridge University Press 1998

ed•u•cat•ed (ĕj'ə-kâ'tĭd)
1. Having an education, especially one above the average.
2.a. Showing evidence of schooling, training, or experience.
2.b. Having or exhibiting cultivation; cultured: an educated manner.
3. Based on a certain amount of experience or factual knowledge: an educated guess.

educated guess, an
A speculation based on past experience or knowledge, as in I'm not sure how much meat we need to feed twelve, but I'll make an educated guess and say six pounds. [Mid-1900s]

ed•u•cat•ed guess (plural ed•u•cat•ed guess•es)
informed guess: a guess that is based on a degree of experience, knowledge, or information

number prediction in roulette

The right prediction in Roulette

Every morning you see your neighbor leave for work in his red Volvo. One day you see a red Volvo pulling out of your neighbors driveway in the morning but you can't see who's driving it. An educated guess would be its your neighbor. Its called an 'educated' guess because you have more data to base the guess on than just pure speculation.

When look at the several definitions of educated guess, you will find out some similarity in definition.

- A speculation based on past experience or knowledge.
- A guess that is based on a degree of experience, knowledge, or information
- A guess that is likely to be correct because you have enough knowledge about a particular subject
- Its called an 'educated' guess because you have more data to base the guess on than just pure speculation.

You will find out: experience, knowledge (of a particular subject), information (data) and speculation.

I can’t tell about your level of experience and knowledge and you have to assess by yourself. I leave out the speculation. Although is not pure speculation but at least we are dealing with CHANCE, so a kind of speculation. There is some level speculation already in the CHANCE itself. The only interesting to tell you is information or data you base on.

Let us review back what is a bet selection?
A bet selection is process to determine what to bet. A bet can be relied on past decisions, which guide you what to bet and referred as past decisions dependent bet selection. A bet can be also determined by ignoring the past decisions, in this case we refer it as past decisions independent bet selection. A bet can be mixed between past decisions dependent and independent bet selection.

Examples of past decisions dependent bet selection are:
- Follow The Last (FTL), Decision Before Last (DBL), etc.
- Any mathematical formulas which bets is determined by referring to the past decisions e.g. stock market trend analysis
- Even guessing can be dependent on past decisions.
- Etc.

Examples of past decisions independent bet selection are:
- Template e.g. RBRB (no matter what happens, you bet RBRB)
- Any mathematical formulas which bets is determined without referring to the past decisions
- Even guessing can be independent on past decisions.
- Etc.

If you work on mechanical bet selection then it is no guess work. You place the best according to the prescribed rules. The opposite is non-mechanical for example educated guess.
Roulette Attacks and Betting systems

The information (data) you base on can be:

Inside the box: pattern, trend, etc. or outside the box: losers vs .winners, dealers, beautiful girls, etc. whatever. Inside you: feeling, mind etc. With the information you base on you try to guess what will come out next. Now you should record your play without betting real for 200 spins or so by identifying what of bet pattern, habit and behavior you are practicing. Maybe you can do it for a week, a month or a year. I don’t know how long make experiment and you have to determine yourself. Next you have should calculate the percentage you hit by educated guess. It can be 0%-20%, 21%-40%, 41%-60%, 61%-80% and 81%-100% or any interval of your choice. With this experiment you try to figure out your educated guess capability.

The observation I made from my own friends that they are worst educated guess. If they can just switch their mind instead of betting the educated guess, they just bet the opposite what the educated guess has told him to bet, it will save their bankroll far that they can imagine. If you are so-so, then progression will help you.

There are some players will make best educated guess, some so-so and the other worst educated guess. For those who are worst educated guesser, if and only they are willing to switch from his deepest heart and mind, they will make them as real winners. You have to know where you are. Are you best educated guessers, so-so or worst educated guessers? Identify yourself is the key to success.

My own experiment shows that I am a worst educated guesser. I made experiment for two week and found out that from five spins, I hit only one-two spins of five spins on average with my educated guess. What I do is to bet opposite to what I predict with my educated guess. Funny, it works. The important is to find out what is your bet habit, pattern and behavior with the information you base on. The information I base on is pattern and trend. I stick to that. You have to differentiate between mechanical (no guess work) vs. educated guess, otherwise you end up playing mechanical bet selection. Eh…eh….

Everyone can be the best educated guesser, the worst educated guesser and so so. What is the degree of success, it depends on your findings and your guess behavior, bet pattern and bet habits: self assessment. Although I don’t have any evidence but I at least what I do with educated guess is that I can come close 70% after practicing it already for one month. Herewith I share with you my experience how to conduct an educated guess.

What will do to increase your level of educated guess? First you should write down how you bet and write down the information or data you base on. Write how many wins and losses you achieve and you make statistics out of them show the percentage you have achieved with educated guess. Record your pattern, habit or behavior how you base on. Do you stick to the information or data you base on or do you change from one information to information. Sometimes players are best educated guessers and while the other are worst educated guessers. Ok it doesn’t matter and mind. The good news is that there is solution for worst educated guessers. You have to observe yourself whether from time to time you change your bet pattern or behavior, you have to review back your educated guess. You should structure your guess work. You have to find out your bet pattern, bet habits and bet behavior. I can’t help you and what I can help is this educated guess guide. If you are worst educated guesser, then you bet opposite to what you educated guess have tell you to bet.

When deviation comes, then you have to anticipate it by at least stop playing until further good chance to resume. It is not only the edge will beat you, but also your own educated guess will beat you if you are not willing to change if you are worst educated guesser.

Again, when you bet by educated guess, you have information or data to refer to or base on, otherwise you bet by wild guess just like coin tossing. Most of the players are worst educated guess. They refer to past results as data for educated guess. You will hear many local gamblers from time to time yelling streaks or chops (ping pong). You identify the information or data you base on and make statistics out of them to see whether you best educated guessers, so-so or worst educate guessers.

When you are in range from 0%-44%, you are worst educated guessers. When you are in the range of 45%-55%, you are so-so and when you are in the range over 56% you are best educated guessers. When your percentage of best educated guess drops, you have to anticipate your educated guessing or when your percentage of worst educated guess increases, you have to anticipate your educated guessing.

You can calculate the percentage by following formula. For every spins you do like this:
(number of losses/(number of losses + number of wins)) in % or
(number of wins/(number of losses + number of wins)) in %

You can observe the drops and increases of the educated guessing. Practicing and make experiment on educated guess, you might find a good solution for bet selection technique. Identify yourself whether you are best, so-so, worst educated guessers.