Roulette is much more than a mindless game of random chance. There are successful strategies and optimal betting systems. Learn how to play roulette and win.

D’Alembert progression

Roulette game is very popular in casinos today. After a lot of plays players have come up with systems to help them win the game. However these systems do not always work as expected. This method however tries to beat roulette though it also fails. Before you give up on this method it is better to understand how this method works and in fact you can use this method to earn yourself some money. This method was discovered by Jean Rond d’Alembert. This method is based on equilibrium. It is based on assumption that if you lose maybe next time you will win. Also if you win you are likely to lose on the subsequent round, Understand roulette betting systems.

D’Alembert betting system.
This method is different from Fibonacci and Martingale. You only get to add one unit when you lose and subtract one unit when you win. This adding and subtracting is based on that you cannot lose or win twice in a row. However if you lose twice continuously you continue adding one unit until you win. Look at the following example to know how the system works.

• You choose the amount you want to bet on is $10. This is your unit.

• On betting the first time you lose.

• So you add $10 and bet on $20.

• Unfortunately you lose again and add $10. This time you bet on $30 and win.

• After winning you cut your betting amount by one unit which is $10 and bet on $20.

• You continue betting until you get to your unit’s bet.

When you get to your unit’s bit it means that you have made profit.

How to use it.
This method is used on the outside bets. These are bets that are on 50-50 chances. These bets includes even and odd, high and low, and red and black. You have 50% of getting one of these that’s 50% chance of winning.

So this method actually works?
To beat roulette it does not work. This method has been modified by other mathematicians. The other version of d’Alembert is called Contre d’Alembert. This method states that you proceed even after winning. It means that you continue adding one unit even after winning. This method however was found to more risky than d’Alembert.

Roulette is matter of luck and not strategies. Though using these strategies you will become a better player of roulette. You should decide the amount of money that you are ready to lose. Have a limit that if I lose beyond this point I will not play again. Roulette is addictive and more so money is more addictive. Play with your profits and avoid become bankrupt by using these strategies.

This system has the advantage as it is easy to use and understand. To do not need to a sheet of paper as in Fibonacci to keep track. Also this game gives you a goal of knowing that I want to be back to my original unit and I will have made my profit. Also this game is better as you increase your bet with small variance. You will have total concentration when using this method to play roulette and at the long run.

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