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Thanks to GLC for this beautiful strategy, which is a modification of the original Star system by Carsch.

I was going to keep this progression for myself, but since I started talking about The Star system, my magnanimous half has risen to the fore.

You can count your lucky Star.  Yuk, yuk.  Get it? :xd: 

The original Star system was 1-1-1-2/5-10-15-25-40; 2-2-2-4/10-20-30-50-80;  6-6-6-12/30-60-90-150-240

That represents the base bet, recovery 1 and recovery 2 for a total of 900 units.

Our brother Carsch came up with an ingenious bet method.

1  Repeat
1  Parlay
2  Repeat
2  Parlay
4  Repeat
4  Parlay
8  Repeat
8  Parlay
16  Repeat
16  Parlay

2-2-4-4-8-8-16-16-32-32;  6-6-12-12-24-24-48-48-96-96 

558 units.

Here's my tweak to represent -999 units fashioned after F_LAT_INO's 1000 unit bankroll requirements.

1  Repeat
1  Parlay
1  Repeat, Parlay
2  Repeat
2  Parlay
2  Repeat, Parlay
5  Repeat
5  Parlay
5  Repeat, Parlay
13  Repeat
13  Parlay
13  Repeat, Parlay
32  Repeat
32  Parlay
32  Repeat, Parlay
80  Repeat
80  Parlay
80  Repeat, Parlay
200  Repeat
200  Parlay
200  Repeat, Parlay

That's 999 units if you lose it all. 
Any win leaves you at a new profit.
Of course you could eliminate the last 3 bets and save yourself 600 units of bankroll.

Very few of you will be interested in this, so I'll just give a short example to firm up your understanding.

Original Start the 1-1-1-2 represents what he calls a pre-progression and is played as parlays.  The 5-10-15-25-40 are repeated, so you must win 2 times in a row to win.

Carsch's are either repeats or parlays.

So at the 4 level you would bet 4 twice for a win of +8-.  A win would net you +2 units.  The next 4 bet is a parlay so you would bet 4 and then parlay the 8 units.  This also nets you +2
Every double win in Carsh's basic bet nets you +2 units.

My tweak starts out just like Carsch's except that I add another step of repeat, parlay.

So at the 2 level you bet 2 and then repeat for +4.  If you lose you go to the next 2 which is a parlay.  2 wins 2 more for 4.  Parlay the 4 for 8.  If you lose this level go to the final 2 level.

2 wins 2, repeat wins 2 more for 4, parlay the 4 for +8 -7 (previous losses) = +1.

Every double win or the triple win nets you +1.  (except on 13; 13; 13 which nets you +2)

Okay, I can see that everybody's eyes glassed over at the original Star progression so I post this for posterity and so I know where to find it in the future.  I just hope this forum stays intact.  It has all my roulette notes on it.



One other note to myself:

We can stay at the 1-1-1-2-2-2-5-5-5-13-13-13 for 63 units on the base level.

If we lose we can play 2-2-2-4-4-4-10-10-10-26-26-26 for 126 units in recovery 1 level.

If we lose we can play 6-6-6-12-12-12-30-30-30-78-78-78 for 378 units in recovery 2 level.

That's 567 units if we lose all 3 levels.


One other expansion:

Action    If Lose     Bet        Sequence                                     If Win
                  -1          1                                                                +1
Repeat       -2          1         1=1=2-1=                                       +1
Parlay        -3          1          1=2=4-2-1=                                   +1
Par/Rep     -4          1          1=2=4=6-3-1=                               +2
P/R             -5         1          1=                                                   +1
P/P             -6         1          1=2=4=8-5-1=                                +2
P/P             -7         1          1=                                                   +1
R                -11       4          4=4=8-7=                                        +1
P                -15       4          4=8=16-11-4=                                 +1
P/R            -19        4          4=8=16+8=24-15-4=                      +5
P/R            -23        4          4=                                                    +1
P/P            -27        4          4=8=16=32-23-4=                           +5
P/P            -31        4          4=                                                    +1
R                           16
P                           16
PR                         16
PR                         16
PP                         16
PP                         16
R                           64
P                           64
PR                         64
PR                         64
PP                         64
PP          -511         64

I'm sorry for the blanks.  You should be able to fill them in.  Too much typing.

You might think that it would be better to just do parlays every time, but I think the repeats give us some leeway because a win and then a loss gives us another shot at it.  Whereas with a parlay a win followed by a loss ends it.



I am currently scripting the Star System + mods. Could you please tell me what happens at level 3 (Repeat + Parlay) in case I've interpreted that wrong? I get the rest of it: Repeat = place the same bet; Parlay = let it ride (in both cases we are aiming for 2 wins in a row).  Level 3 I am just a little confused how they should be combined exactly.

Any updates to report on since your historical posts above?

Cheers mate.

I'm sorry, it does get a little confusing.  On the Parlay/Repeat:  Let's say we're at the 2 unit starting level.  We play 2 units and win so we have 4 units.  The parlay part is letting the 4 units ride.  A win will give us 8 units.  Now we repeat the 4 unit bet and a win gives us +12 units.

For the Parlay/Parlay.  Bet 2 units and win so we have 4 units and we let it ride for the parlay and a win gives us 8 units.  For the 2nd parlay part, we let the 8 units ride and if it wins we have 16 units.  Subtract the 2 we started with and we've netted 14 units which should be enough to off-set all previous losses.

Beware!  This is a martingale type bet pattern.  It is a mixed bet style martingale, but it has all the pros and cons of a basic even chance martingale.  You should win on a regular basis, but every now and then, you will have a major loss.  Remember to only count 5% of all winnings as potential keepers, very potential with a lot of luck.